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Step aerobics

Step aerobics are primarily aerobic workouts that are designed to provide you with great cardiovascular exercise to improve your health, heart, fitness and endurance levels and allow you to help your body with improved circulation and lung efficiency.

Step aerobics cater for people of all fitness levels and classes are designed to provide you with a great way to improve your overall fitness levels and ensure you burn fat and calories whilst increasing lung capacity and endurance levels. It is essential in step aerobics to remember three important rules.

Warming up, involving gently stretching the muscles to ensure that the muscle groups are properly warm and ready to indulge in exercise which avoids strains and over stretching or tearing of the muscles. Stretching is extremely important during step aerobics as is cooling down afterwards. Once blood has circulated throughout the muscles, following a low intensity warm up for about 5-10 minutes, they are prepared for exercise.

This almost impact-free exercise is ideal for those looking for low to moderate intensity workouts that concentrate on improving fitness and endurance. With warm up ties of around five to ten minutes, stretching of a similar duration and then cooling down afterwards comprising of five to ten minutes again, you ensure your body is fully prepared and able to take the strain and impact provided by the activity.

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