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Spinning as a weight loss workout

The concept of indoor bicycling or spinning has been around for years. It's a simple idea. You sit on a static bicycle and pedal away. Spinning refers to the wheels on the bike going round and round.

Spinning is much more fun when done in a class setting. Here the instructor will encourage you to pedal faster, usually in time to up-tempo music, in order to get the most from your workout. It doesn't matter how fit you are because you can always pedal at a rate that feels appropriate to you. In each spinning class the speed is varied so you work your heart and lungs at different rates.

Sometimes the instructor will incorporate moves like standing up and sitting down whilst pedalling in order to help tone buns, hips and thighs. You may also have to climb a few imaginary hills, with the resistance up high. The class always ends with a period of freewheeling and stretching to ease any cramps out that you may have developed from working so hard.

Obviously there is a bit of special equipment involved, namely the bike itself, so if you have an exercise bike you can spin at home, but most people prefer to spin in a class setting as they find the camaraderie and the music conducive to getting more out of their exercise.

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