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To maximise your fitness success commence your search for a trainer. Searching for a trainer may seem like a daunting task at first, but you will soon find that a little research will go a long way in finding your ideal partnership. Commence your efforts by investigating through word of mouth. Ask those with similar lifestyle goals which fitness specialists they have found to be the most supportive. Once you have considered your preference in location, and type of fitness activity, go online, and browse through the many comprehensive websites. Your local fitness club will also have an advisor who will be able to offer you specialised advise to aid you in your search for a trainer.

Expect that individual attention will likely come with a higher price tag than shared classroom sessions. To ensure the best value for your money, check that your fitness specialist is certified by a reputable organisation. The efficacy of your workout will be relative to the education your fitness specialist has received. Your fitness specialist should be able to devise a program for you that will help you to meet your fitness goals through motivation, education, accountability and guidance. Expect that your first meeting will be devoted to assessing your overall health and needs. You will likely be asked to step on a scale, to provide details of your health history, and to identify your goals. An effective fitness specialist should be a good listener who is willing to challenge you to meet your goals.

  • Benefits: maximise your fitness success, individual attention, motivation, education, accountability, guidance

  • Disadvantages: high price tag

  • How to search: word of mouth, consider location preference, fitness activity, go online, speak with advisor at local fitness club

  • What to expect at your first session: assessment of overall health and needs, weighing in, discussion of health history, identification of goals

Effective fitness specialists will be good listeners and willing to challenge you to meet your goals.

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