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Becoming a part of a fitness franchise is an ideal way of earning money through fitness promotion without the risks associated with starting a business from scratch. Franchises are partnerships between groups and individuals. The partnership is a licensed business arrangement based on an individual paying a fee to the franchise group for the right to use its business operation model. Obtaining permission to use a business model includes the rights to a franchise's trademark, brand name, service and marketing methods.

The benefits of entering this type of business arrangement are manifold. Providing investors do their research and select a trusted franchise already bearing strong public brand recognition, their new operation will almost certainly garner immediate clientele. Aside from marketing support, investors may also benefit from ongoing training, site selection, and new business fit-out. This type of ongoing business support can be especially appealing to first time business owners who may be apprehensive to go at it alone, and can benefit from peer support. Since the larger decisions are already taken care of, new business owners are able to concentrate their efforts primarily on the important area of customer satisfaction.

Entering into a partnership that is governed by set operational procedures also has its disadvantages. Those bearing a strong entrepreneurial spirit, preferring to find their own way of doing things, may find such predetermined limitations imposing. They may find corporate branding to be too cold and impersonal to satisfy the fitness needs of potential consumers. Consumers seeking to make important lifestyle changes may seek out businesses that lean towards a more individualised approach business; alternatively they may find security in trusting a tried and tested brand.

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