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Not everyone likes equipment workouts. If your idea of the perfect exercise session is a long walk or run in the country, it may be that equipment workouts are not for you.

If, however, you would rather have the control of a treadmill run, the certainty of using weights machines, then you are an equipment workout fan.

It's an important consideration if you are looking to exercise from home. Fans of equipment workouts should look to buy items like:

  • All in one weights machines
  • High tech cardio machines - treadmill, rower, cross trainer etc.
If you prefer things simple, then there's lots of alternative options, including:
  • Running
  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Low-tech home cardio - stair climbing, skipping, etc
  • Low-tech strength gear - dumbbells, exercise ball, pull-up bars
So how do you know which one you are? If you're not sure, think about where you naturally gravitate when you are in the gym - do you head for the newest, shiniest bit of gear to see what it's like?

Or do you prefer a quick run outside followed by a go at the old stack of weights sitting in the corner?

Chances are that whatever you enjoy at the gym will be what you want to do at home.

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