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Boxing classes for fitness

More and more people are choosing boxing as an exercise option, as its benefits as a whole body workout are becoming better known. Boxing provides both aerobic and anaerobic exercise, it increases body strength, burns calories, avoids muscle and joint damage, and offers variety too. Fitness boxing imitates the training routine of competitive boxers, but leaves out the full contact sparring, making it a safe option for people at every level of fitness.

Providing an intensely challenging workout, boxing training works all the body's muscles as well as the cardiovascular system, and it also stimulates the central nervous system, training it to respond faster and more efficiently through the use of punching combination drills. Workouts are over 60% anaerobic, stimulating your body's muscles to develop and use oxygen more efficiently. Working with weights also increases your body's strength, as well as burning calories. Classes in gyms or health clubs generally last one hour, and include the following elements:

  • a thorough warm-up
  • body conditioning exercises
  • work on punching and defensive manoeuvre techniques
  • hitting drills - the main element of the workout, using focus mitts, target shields, and heavy bags.
  • cool down
These classes offer an interesting and varied workout that shares all the training benefits of a competitive fighter's training programme, without the downside of ever getting into a fight.

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