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Quality running shoes made affordable

It is crucial for athletes to make sure they have high quality running shoes and accessories in order to prevent injury. A pair of good running shoes offers crucial protection for a runner's feet and ankles, reducing impact and the chance of harm to the knee. Consequently, a good pair of sports shoes frees runners to concentrate on enjoying the sport.

Boasting more than a quarter of a century's experience in sports retail, Sportsshoes.com possess both the range of stock and the knowledge with which to meet the needs of customers. The firm was founded in 1982 by former professional footballer Bruce Bannister, remembered by soccer fans as the 'Grab' to Alan Warboys' 'Smash' in a prolific striking partnership at Bristol Rovers in the early 1970s. Bruce served as an executive member of the Professional Footballers' Association for over 10 years, and it was his time in this role that made him aware of the need for a retail service that could meet their specialist requirements.

Bruce opened the Sports Shoes Unlimited store in his home city of Bradford, and a successful mail order service was launched three years later. The firm has always been swift to recognise the possibilities signalled by new avenues of sale and how these might offer greater convenience for their customers, and they acted early to secure an online trading presence with SportsShoes.com, from which over 3,000 sporting products are now available to buy.

SportsShoes.com have real expertise in advising on the best in sports gear, and how to minimise risks for the individual athlete in terms of selecting the correct equipment for their needs. The choice of running shoe, for example, is a matter which will differ from person to person, with factors such as their weight, the type of surface on which they run, the size and indeed the shape of their foot all needing to be given due consideration.

To begin exploring your options when it comes to finding the ideal shoe for you, log on to their online store, SportsShoes.com and take advantage of the help provided by their comprehensive Guides and Advice pages. These pages are by no means simply limited to running though, with pretty much every conceivable sporting activity and aspect being covered, you'll view enough stock online to satisfy all of your sporting needs. There is guidance on how to use equipment correctly, injury information on how to prevent pain and blistering, nutrition advice, and even tips on how to take the perfect penalty kick (something which SportsShoes.com founder Bruce Bannister knows a thing or two about, having scored more than 30 spot-kicks over the course of his professional career!).

There is also a Jargon Buster facility which helps online shoppers to make sense of the huge array of products which are offered by the leading sportswear firms - a vital service, considering that Sportsshoes.com carries a plethora of stock from the world's top suppliers. Amongst the wealth of sporting equipment offered are items from global sportswear giants Nike, Adidas and Reebok, and premium quality, specialist indoor and outdoor shoes including football boots from such firms as Saucony and Asics are also available to buy. SportsShoes.com are committed to carrying the top brands at affordable prices, and their Price Beat promise underlines their determination to be the best value sports retailer on the web.

Sports Shoes offer a great combination of quality products and value for money pricing, and online purchasing means that it has never been easier to find the perfect running shoe.

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