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Power your way to fitness

The current trend for new and exciting fitness regimes has led to many gym practitioners seeking an exciting alternative to the traditional form of exercise classes. Many of these experts have travelled east and explored countries like Vietnam, where the discipline and fitness learned in martial arts has proven to have a beneficial effect in reaching new levels of fitness.

Now with the cheapest flights ever available to take you to Vietnam, now is the time to turn your attention east and investigate just what Vietnam can offer you in terms of enriching your daily fitness routine.

One of the most popular new areas of fitness work that has its roots in Vietnam is the hugely popular discipline of mixed martial arts. It is disciplines such as these and the specific exercises that generate strength, flexibility, stamina and mental well being that have attracted so many people to the country to learn the techniques and bring them to a wider audience back home.

Indeed, so popular is the area becoming in terms of 'fitness fact-finding holidays' that you can guarantee there will be a strong demand for the low cost flights available to the area, not to mention the discount hotels available for the traveller to experience an informative, fitness and mixed martial arts themed, Vietnam holiday!

Vietnam has certainly become something of a Mecca for the fitness expert or fitness tourist, who has chosen to shun the more traditional exercise and look towards ancient martial arts routines for something new and ultimately more effective. This is particularly evident in the United Kingdom, where the strong pound has led to a marked increase in the affordability of such holidays. Many fitness fanatics and personal trainers are jetting off to Vietnam, in order to learn and understand new techniques and exercises they can bring home to their clients in the United Kingdom.

Many of today's martial arts experts are also not averse to using new technology to enhance their fitness regimes including one originating from the Russian space program. The Power Plate is a machine that uses the latest 'power plate vibration technology' in order to enhance muscular development and improve overall fitness. This is achieved by athletes having just two thirty minute sessions a week on the power plate, which gently vibrates the muscles, encouraging them to grow and improve their endurance. The results are marked, Russian cosmonauts using a power plate for their fitness found they were able to stay in space over three times longer than their American counterparts, who were using traditional fitness techniques to avoid muscular wastage in orbit. Now those benefits are available to all fitness fans and when the Power Plate is combined with the more traditional martial arts techniques and training gear, it is possible to achieve an extra edge in your overall strength and fitness.

These days, in the world of fitness, martial arts and health, the key is not to "go west my friend". Instead you need to be looking east, as increasing numbers of fitness and martial arts experts are discovering for themselves.

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