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The facts about advertising

Why GymUser.co.uk?

GymUser.co.uk was started in 1999 and now operates and manages the UK's most comprehensive gym directory. The point to emphasise here is "we manage" our directory. We constantly sift through and remove and add new gyms and clubs on a daily basis. No other online gym directory currently does what we do.

We work closely with a number of online partners and our advertising agency and we have worked with key clients such as the Royal Marines, Mi5, Optimax, HSBC and Sport-e on various campaigns targetting our user base.

GymUser.co.uk traffic

GymUser.co.uk has been around since 1999 and has a highly targeted and UK-focused health & fitness audience. With our relaunch, we have removed a lot of the additional content that moved users away from our core expertise - fitness and exercise! We also know from previous surveys our users are predominantly ABC1 and male:female ratio of 60:40.

We receive traffic from a very wide range of sources including search engines, authority sites like the bbc.co.uk and sport england and other hobby sites where users see the value that we offer in our managed gym database. GymUser.co.uk already has prominent listings for numerous keywords on many of the top search engines and have an on-going programme of online marketing to increase users.

Finally, we also choose to pay to advertise ourselves on the search engines to increase the likelihood of users finding and using our site.

Common questions

  • Q. But we advertise locally already

    A. How much do you pay for how much exposure? Newspaper ads, leaflets and even Radio (if you can afford that) are very hit and miss. Typically you will find that only 1-2% of all the people that see or hear your advert are even the right audience for your club. Of this 1-2% only maybe 3% will actually action it to the extent that you get them in the door - that means that from 10,000 leaflets you will be lucky to get 3 people to enquire (not join, not visit, just enquire) about your club.

    With GymUser.co.uk over 45% * of the people that see the listings enquire about joining or visiting clubs.

  • Q. We are happy with the advertising we do.

    A. GymUser.co.uk is not asking you to stop any current advertising. But we do believe that we can find you more members than any other route for your money.

    A single payment of £50 + VAT annually gives you a 24 hour advert for your website and email adrdess for 365 days! We challenge you to beat that anywhere!

  • Q. We don't need any more advertising.

    A. That's like saying you don't need any more members or any more money. Cost-effective advertising like GymUser.co.uk's costs next to nothing so that even if you only get 1 new member in all 365 days, you will still come out in profit. Again, we challenge you to tell us what other form of paid advertising can do that!

  • Q. It's too expensive!

    A. If GymUser.co.uk is too expensive, then we wish you a lot of good luck for your Gym. You must be so good that word of mouth is all you need. Remember, good businesses know that to advertise when you are successful, ensures you stay successful longer than those that don't.

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